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Adapter Socket

Adapter sockets provide an interface between test equipment and pin lead initiators. When used with our Adapter Modules, these sockets provide the ability to test different or unusual shaped parts in our manual electrical test machines.

Rugged, production line proven design provides accurate and repeatable electrical test results.

  • Resistance test
  • Thermal transient test
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Impedance test

Silver-plated Kelvin (4-wire) contacts make 2 points of contact to each pin for high measurement accuracy.

Designed for one-way insertion – all parts are tested with the same polarity.

Available for pin lead initiators with connector cables or wireless (no electrical connections).

Protective modules available for each socket type.

Available with part latch to securely retain initiator during handling.

Custom designs for new or unique test requirements and initiator configurations.

Wired Pin Lead Socket Adapter

Wireless Socker Adapter